First Prototype Testing of Home Automation System using iOT, operated by Google Assistant, Google Home, Alexa, SIRI, Cortana, voice command operated home automation system.

Easy to install

Download the app from play store, append your devices with already existing curcit, added devices with the given QR Code level in your.

Control from your vicinity

Because of web connectivity you can control your devices from anywhere across the world

Operate from other world class apps

You can operate your appliances from other world class apps, like Google home and Alexa.

Appliance can detect your presence

Appliances will detect your absence and work according, for example light will automatically switch-off when no one in a room.

Voice command

You can control the appliance through the voice command, like switch on lights, slow down the Fan etc.


Demo video

Our executive is showing, how this device is working with your home appliances


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Rajendra Verma
Software Engineer

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